October already

October. Good grief – where did the year go? More importantly, where did Summer go???
I now realise that I should not have put off cutting the lawn. When I look outside and think, “I may need to wait until Spring to cut it again”, I could cry.
I have hung on to Summer. Clung to its warmth like some security blanket, because I know how miserable I’m going to be come Winter. My back aches, reminding me of the facet joints I damaged seven years ago. My circulation goes stupid on me, and my fingers either swell up, or shrink into a shrivelled old womans. I don’t do cold. I’d rather be too hot than too cold. I know that by the end of October, I am moving into a phase where I loose the feeling in my feet for three months. However, most scary is the impending winter depression. I know it’s coming, which could be a double edged sword, because knowing its coming is making me miserable.
This post was not supposed to be a miserable one. I guess there’s a bit of free associative writing going on there.
October 1st marks the start of the second annual Blogger boobie-thon, which aims to raise money for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. If you are nervous about notarising your norks, then you can simply make a donation via the website.
The UK’s Breast Cancer Campaign doesn’t start until the 31st October, but I’ve seen pink ribbons in lots of stores already, and stores such as Debenhams and Ann Summers have other promotions too.

comments thingy

My comments link doesn’t work. I can’t figure out why, but I think it’s to do with Javascript, which I am a complete virgin at.
I’m still busy turning my house upside down with paint and stuff, but I’ve added a ‘contact me’ link on the left, in case anyone has any burning comments to make.

Dug out…

I’ve not been on any more jaunts, but I have spent a good 2 hours digging the front garden.
I say garden, what I mean is a small square of lawn, about 9 square meters, which I have been trying to dig a border into. I blogged about this a while ago, but I’d only gotten as far as lifting sod. I’ve avoided tackling this job, simply because it is such bloody hard work.
However, today, I decided to finish it off. I had a nice chat with my neighbour, then took a deep breath and weilded my fork.
As I expected, I picked out many more stones, and at one point wondered how far the foundations of my house came out… However, the earth is turned over and neat, and tomorrow it’s off to Homebase to get some compost and sharp sand to dig into it.
I hurt already. God, I so hurt. What was all this crap about my garden being a blank canvas? I was sodding deluded. Don’t get me wrong – I love my garden, but I wish I were stronger and had more stamina. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
(If anyone has the ability to grant this wish, please can I have a nice svelte body too? Ta.)

“Face your fears”

Well, that wasn’t so bad.
The thing he pressed on the most, is that avoidance is reinforcing the fear. I have to face my fears for this agoraphobia to go away. So, that means just getting off my arse and going outside. I am going to make a plan. However, for it to work, I have to stress that I thrive on praise and positive reinforcement. Yes, I know I am doing it for me but having been in a place where apathy sets in, I know how much it helps when Ginger says, “you did really well today”
I’ll detail my plan later today on here.

When is a bed “two large items”?

When you’re dealing with my local council, that’s when.
The old bed from our spare room has been gathering dust in the garage until I could be bothered to call the council and ask them to take it away.
I made that call this morning. The woman on the phone explained about how they can only dispose of “three large items, or six small items, or a combination of both” in any three month period. This sounded okay, then she said,
“The base of the bed counts as one large item, and the mattress counts as one large item.”
So, my bed has become officially two large items. She asked if it was a double bed, and I replied, “Yes”. It is in fact a king size, so I hope I don’t use up any of my quota. While I think about it, I took the drawers from the divan out to make it easier to haul downstairs. I wonder if they’ll count them separately? I could put them back in, but the council people will just have to take them out again to take it away, otherwise they’ll roll out.
The woman asked me where I’d leave it. I told her on the driveway. I have visions of my anicent bed being on display, complete with its historical muck. I mean, I never peed the bed or anything, but it’s still quite a feeling of exposure.
* * * * *
You may recall I had put the old mattress on our new bed base. Well, it’s worse. So bad, in fact, that Ginger has let me buy a completely new mattress without so much as a blink. I took him to the bed superstore on the pretence of ‘looking at prices, you know, just to see‘ and we ended up buying a new mattress completely. It’s a good one, thick and luxurious, with a pocket sprung interior. And it was half price *beams* We like ‘half price.’
The new mattress will take two weeks to order. I wonder if it’s a good time to test out the sofa-bed?