The Return of the Comment

For anyone who has tried to comment on my blog and been faced with either a hanging page or a 500 error, it’s now fixed. Apparently something to do with my plugins, because deleting them all fixed it. Thank you so much, Textura Design!
Thank you also to the people who took the time to email me – I really appreciate your kind words.

Blogging Brits logo

If any members of Blogging Brits find me, you may be interested to know about an image-map based code I have used to link to their site.
Inspired by Liam, I too wanted a logo that incorporated the full webring code. However, my version uses a Silkscreen font based mini-icon, which is then converted into an image map. You can see the result in the links to the right of this page.
Check out the extended part of the entry for the code.

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Google ads

I posted a few days ago about how amusing the google ads that were being shown on my site were in relation to my health.
The more I think about it, the more inappropriate it seems to have a blog about life with panic attack disorder and agoraphobia, and adverts for ‘cures’ running down the side of the page. So, I’ve deleted it completely.
I do get viewers who, according to my web stats, search for things like “panic attacks” and “venlafaxine” and get to my site. This is partly why I have links like tAPir and Venlafaxine Healing on the right. These are sites I have used myself, and have found to be a great help. This is the way links on my site will stay. Sites pertaining to health will be ones I have used personally, or checked out myself. Not adverts based on random keywords.

This is Quite Funny…

When I installed MT 3.14, I decided to look into having Google ads on my site. As long as I could control the content, and it looked fairly unobtrusive, I thought I’d be happy. Plus, I could earn money!
At first, the ads were for things like “donate money to the (something) foundation” and they seemed like good causes, so I took no notice (in the respect that I let them be). I think it takes the google spiders a few goes to get the gist of what your site is about, and come up with adverts relating to what’s going on.
I’m just rather amused that I’m blathering on about how I don’t know how to control my panic and agora, and the ad at the side is saying things like “cure panic attacks – guaranteed!”

Title Schmitle (or something)

This last week, I have been using most of my brain power on building a new computer. I’m kinda wondering if I have a brain quota, which only allows me to think so much during a given time period. I’ve built the computer, installed everything – and it’s peachy, but literally everything else I’ve tried to do has turned to shit. It’s like my brain has said, “WOAH!!! That’s it, missy, no more cognitive processing for you!”
My husband’s favourite is my putting the sugar in the fridge the other day. He’s really tickled by that. I don’t mind, at least it takes his mind off the job shit he is enduring yet again.
He is still with the same company, but they seem to think it’s okay to offer him temporary work, then at the last moment right where he’s crapping himself about how we’ll pay the mortgage next week, they offer him another few weeks work. It’s really taking it’s toll on both of us, and because of the incredibly long hours he’s working, it’s making it really difficult for him to look elsewhere. So, if anyone out there is looking for a highly skilled mechanical engineering quality inspector, e-mail me. (Like that’s really going to work…)
After the whole incident of not going to therapy last week, I have decided to write a letter to M, explaining why things have gone to shit. It mostly involves explaining about the Efexor experience, and how my panic and anxiety have sky-rocketed. I’ve tried to explain that it’s a different kind of anxiety – really sharp, like a kind of mental razor-wire. I guess having a constant headache and nausea doesn’t help. Funny, though, I’ve only had two panic attacks this month. I feel like I’m on the verge of a panic attack most of the time, especially when I’m out and about, but I always manage to avoid an actual attack.
My other symptoms are still there, and I feel flu-ey and hungover most of the time. I wish I could stop being so impatient. I’m aching to feel ‘normal’ again. Like my husband keeps on telling me: I’ll get there – eventually.

Other People’s Blogs

During this journey of self education, I have discovered that most people who have webspace also have a weblog. I like reading them, primarily beacuse I am a nosey person, but also because I’m able to glean ideas and see what is possible to achieve.
Many of the blogs are plain, you can tell that the writer has not deviated from the path that is Moveable Type’s default template, but being pretty is only half the story.
Then there are the helpful blogs – those specifically set up to swear at you in HTML, PHP and CSS. They talk about plugins, and don’t mean a euphamism for tampons. These are the people that helped me achieve what you see here today, and I am damn grateful. When I get going, I will have a nice list of buttons and links and gratitude.

where did you go today?

Okay, I think I have this style sheet thing figured out now. Maybe.
I have changed the layout quite a bit; I’ve removed the calender, because I think the monthly archive links are enough. I’ve also moved the links etc to the left, to make way for a new column on the right – the “where did you go today?” thing. Basically, I’m going to use that space to put (as often as possible) my achievements regarding beating the evil incarnate that is Anxiety Disorder. I don’t know how to code it all to make an archive, maybe that’s something to think about.
As usual, please let me know if you are having any difficulties viewing in a particular browser, or if you think it’s completely shit. Bear in mind that I am liable to cry if you tell me the latter. You can also tell me if you like it, because praise is such a rush. 🙂