Over to the right there is a shiny new box – my Twitter feed.
I have an incredibly shiny new mobile phone, and the contract comes with a gazillion texts each month, so I’ll be able to update you all on my CBT progress AS IT HAPPENS.
Can you stand the excitement?

Spiffy Links

If I may guide you to the right hand column of my blog, you will see two new links.
Firstly, I’ve added a link to Blogging Against Disablism Day, which takes place on May 1st. Make a note in your diaries and check out some of the excellent blogs linked there.
Second, I’ve linked to another anxiety blog by Affers. Good luck to him with that, I hope he finds blogging as helpful as I have.
Finally, I’ve uploaded another post that I found which was written during the Great Webhost Change of 2006, to do with my IB appeal. Well, at least I’m warning you what it’s about!
(oh, and I intend to work on my stupid templates soon so that the formatting looks right…)