I’m just really friendly, you know

Last night, Becky and I were invited to Alison’s house. Alison is an incredible quilter, her work is amazing, and I’ve never seen anyone with so much passion for her craft.
I don’t ‘do’ going to people’s houses. It buggers about with my anxiety, and to be honest, I nearly didn’t go. I’ve only met Alison a few times at a monthly knitting group, and I don’t think I caught the whole conversation and thought that there would be Other People there. In the end, there was just the three of us enthusing over fabrics and yarns (Alison recently went to Liberty’s and brought back some gorgeous fabrics) and it was lovely to natter with other people who could be passionate about buying a knackered shirt in a charity shop and cutting it up because we like the fabric.
Becky rang before she set off to my house, and when I’d got ready I made a decision. Usually, when she picks me up for knitting groups, I wait outside the house. It’s something that I can use as therapy – to get used to the whole “being outside” thing – and it doesn’t seem so bad because I’m waiting for something. Last night, I decided to start walking towards the edge of the estate.
I set off walking, feeling pretty okay. I was on the look out for a dark green car – my only anxiety was that she’d not see me and drive past. It was raining, and as usual my glasses needed windscreen wipers. I was trying to think of how I felt, so that I could write it down for my next meeting with D, when I saw a green car. I waved enthusiastically, a grin on my face because I knew how proud Becky would be. The car didn’t slow down. As it got closer, two burly pit-bull-esque blokes gurned at me. What could I do? Well, I continued waving as they drove past. I have no idea who they were, and they did look confused. It was a rather priceless moment – and my reaction?
I just burst out laughing in the middle of the street.
Writing this, I’m thinking of how I would have reacted even six months ago. Probably “I’m stupid, I can’t even see the right person, I want to go home..” It may have escalated into full blown panic, as I fretted over who the people were and whether they were going to stop the car further up the road and confront me. My reaction last night is a big step, I think.

5 thoughts on “I’m just really friendly, you know

  1. evilstevie says:

    Yay! I’m sure they were happy about a lovely lady waving at them. And if they weren’t, f*ck’em.

  2. I love it! I love it! I may have to make a point of waving cheerily at scary fellows in cars – you’re a role model, Mrs Cat.

  3. Chris says:

    Well done you!!!
    Hmmm, you never said about your ‘almost interesting car ride’!.
    Love, Chris

  4. domino says:

    Chris – you threw me out! 😀 Nah, I have to save *something* for you here!
    Kitty – I do make a point of saying hello to people I pass, especially if they live on the estate. Sort of confronting my fears about confronting people. When I think about those blokes, I like to have a mental image of them still scratching their heads and wondering who that lady was. Plus I had a big canvas bag with a cat print on it…

  5. Kath says:

    Sounds like a fab evening. I have probs, not visiting others houses, but others coming to mine! I WILL invite the coven around!!
    Had a brill time at KnN yesterday, it was lovely to see you, even tho I had to put up with your smutty mind!! ;)Ha ha!
    See you Monday!!

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