Miniature Knitting

Especially for CraftyDramaQueen 🙂
A couple of weeks ago, I found an amazing set on Flickr, a lady who knits the most incredible miniature stuff – well, see for yourself. I remember thinking “I really need to have a go at this” because that’s what I do – I see a seemingly impossible craft and I have to try it.
My first attempt was just plain stocking stitch, which I started at the knitting group. Kath joked with me about making full size things like socks, and stuff with cables in, so of course I decided to try cabling. The result was pretty cool, even if I say so myself (yes, you did hear me right, I’m actually proud of something I’ve done!) but I didn’t know what to do with it. Then it dawned on me – it had been Kath’s birthday the week before, so I mounted it onto a card, and gave it to her. Of course, she blogged about it, and reading the comments it’s fair to say that my head has swollen so much that I’ll NEVER get out of the door again!
Miniature knitting is actually quite addictive – I have a magnifying craft light which I use, otherwise it would probably be too fiddly. I also only do a few rows at a time, but even so, it’s still helping me with my concentration!
I shall probably sell the cards on Etsy, and Becky is trying a couple on her stall to see what happens. She suggested mounting them in little frames, which is something else I’m looking at.
As an aside, I’m changing webhosts again, and there may be outages, depending on how clever I am at transferring things over. If everything goes tits up, you know why.

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