just a note

Another reason I’m not posting as much is that I can’t always get my MovableType thingumy to load. I think it’s to do with trackback spam, but seeing as though I’ve disabled trackbacks at a systemwide level (and even renamed the trackback script) I don’t see how. I’m also wondering if it’s comment spam – while I have every anti-spam tool known to man, I’m still getting flooded, even though they go straight into the junk folder (which only shows up on the MT menu). If you’re trying to comment and can’t, this may also be part of it.
The problem with sorting it out is that 1) I can’t get into the menu to fiddle with stuff and 2) my brain doesn’t always work.
In the meantime, I am lifting my mood by watching all three seasons of Father Ted, so I suppose my reaction to the above should be “FECK!”
update I’ve just installed MTAutoBan, so keep your fingers crossed…