Three posts in two days?? Mummy, I’m scared! Ah, hang on, that’ll be the Brazil Espresso perfeito coffee…
I’m thinking I might completely change the style of my blog. Part of this is to do with Movable sodding Type 3.31, and the new default stylesheets being entirely different to the old ones. It wouldn’t be too bad, but the litte updates I’ve been planning for some time mean that parts of the script have to be completely rewritten. And I’ve had a lobotomy sometime since I last did this.
If it all comes together, there shall be some spiffy new links and a snazzy new background. If it doesn’t, you’ll find me throwing things at the computer and yelling that nothing ever goes fucking right. I’m not taking any bets at the moment.
I’ve also been considering what I write about. Obviously, the main reason I write is the whole panic and agoraphobia thing. However, I think it’s getting boring and I can’t help wondering whether people who happen on this blog for the first time think “woah, who’s this miserable bitch?” before wandering off again. Sometimes, things happen that give me a reason to write about happy stuff, but there’s not enough of it. There is so much that I’m interested in that I’m sure I can blend them into the mix to make a more appetising stew.
I hope you enjoy it, my myriad of readers – and that means both of you…