I love my GP

Okay, don’t get a nosebleed or anything but yes, I am posting two days in a row. Someone fan me.
I had my monthly GP appointment this morning, and we chatted a bit about the benefits thing, and she told me about another patient (very vaguely to maintain confidentiality, of course) who was going through the same thing. I told her that my worry at the moment is about the new IB reforms, and how claimants are likely to be sent on training courses etc – see two posts down for the sort of thing I said.
Dr H was as always, lovely and supportive. She told me that yes, it was likely I would be caught up in these new proposals, but my best bet was to tell them in very simple language exactly what I can and can’t do, and if the worst happens she will be happy to back me up with a letter.
I’m writing this for the benefit of the people who read my blog and (as I mentioned before) have emailed me worrying about the ‘what ifs’. I felt better knowing that Dr H is completely on my side and totally understands me. She told me about a patient who had agoraphobia and got caught up in a similar scheme a few years ago. The patient was too ashamed of her condition to say something to the BA, and it resulted in her anxiety levels soaring. People, get a good GP who understands you. Then if you do need to fight the Benefits Agency, you have a damn good weapon.

2 thoughts on “I love my GP

  1. Roxy_Hart says:

    That’s great. When mys sister was working for Orange and off work with all sorts of depression and panic attacks she was still down as working for Orange because she needed the money. She was looking for a way out but still needed sick notes. One time she went to see the doctor who made an off the cuff remark along the lines of “If you were really ill I would have thought you’d have quite Orange, you’re probably making it up” She was so shocked she said nothing, turned up at my mums in tears. She ended up writing in a letter of complaint and got a typed reply basically saying “I don’t remember saying that and seriously doubt I did” (I’m paraphrasing you understand) The thing that annoyed me about it is that it wasn’t even signed by the doctor in question, it was pp’d by a collegue. That set her back quite a bit

  2. Defibrilator says:

    I enjoy reading your blog. Please keep it up.

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