I WON!!!

Hot off the press is an email from Wonderful Legal Secretary to say that they received a letter from the Appeals Service this morning to say I’d won my appeal.
I think I screamed, I certainly started crying a little bit. I phoned Mr D and realised that my entire mouth and jaw had turned into jelly. I mumbled something about “benefits thing email from WLS we won” and broke down crying again.
Now, about 4 hours later, it’s still sinking in. Although I was trying to be positive because the thought of failing the appeal was just too scary, there was always this tiny bit of me that felt wary about my optimism. Now I can let my guard down, and it feels weird.
The Benefits Agency can counter-appeal, but my legal team™ think it’s highly unlikely.
For the gazillionth time, I can’t thank Lovely Solicitor and Wonderful Legal Secretary enough. For the encouragement, help, advice, support and guidance they have readily supplied. For wording my ssubmission in such a way that it shouted “what a dozy prick that doctor was” whilst being eloquent, emphatic and professional.
Thank you, guys. xx

3 thoughts on “I WON!!!

  1. staticgirl says:

    Congratulations! Justice has been done!

  2. tazjia says:

    I’m really happy for you.

  3. rigby says:


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