I WON!!!

Hot off the press is an email from Wonderful Legal Secretary to say that they received a letter from the Appeals Service this morning to say I’d won my appeal.
I think I screamed, I certainly started crying a little bit. I phoned Mr D and realised that my entire mouth and jaw had turned into jelly. I mumbled something about “benefits thing email from WLS we won” and broke down crying again.
Now, about 4 hours later, it’s still sinking in. Although I was trying to be positive because the thought of failing the appeal was just too scary, there was always this tiny bit of me that felt wary about my optimism. Now I can let my guard down, and it feels weird.
The Benefits Agency can counter-appeal, but my legal team™ think it’s highly unlikely.
For the gazillionth time, I can’t thank Lovely Solicitor and Wonderful Legal Secretary enough. For the encouragement, help, advice, support and guidance they have readily supplied. For wording my ssubmission in such a way that it shouted “what a dozy prick that doctor was” whilst being eloquent, emphatic and professional.
Thank you, guys. xx

bad dominocat

I’m a sod for updating this blog, I admit it. Sometimes, there’s not a huge amount to say, and I worry about writing rubbish for the sake of it. However, not writing (and my current mental state) means that People Worry, and for that I apologise, and thank you for your emails and love and everything. I have decided that I shall post more often, and if there’s nothing interesting to say, I’ll just post a nice photo that I’ve taken. Oh, and I’ve been fiddling with the site again and have broken the ‘about’ link.
On Monday, I realised that it was six calendar months since my IB was stopped, so I took a huge deep breath, and telephoned the Appeals Service to see if they could give me an idea of how long it would take. I don’t know why I was shaking so badly or why my mouth was so dry because the lady I spoke to sounded lovely. I rattled off IB-paper-hearing-six-months-no-money and she said she could take my national insurance number and check for me. While she tapped at the keyboard, she said that the IB appeals were taking about eleven weeks from submission (ie the day they got the form that says I want to appeal) and then she went a bit quiet. “oh…” she said when she realised how long mine had been in (17 weeks give or take). She told me that I would be at “the top of the pile” by now, that they’d been very busy lately, and if I hadn’t heard anything in two weeks, to give them a ring back.
I got the feeling that she was expecting a tirade of “where’s me fookin’ giro???” and it occurred to me afterwards that they must take a lot of crap from people. Although they’re a government department, they are independent from the DWP, and I guess they can’t help it if a crazy number of people need to appeal against benefits decisions.
Because she seemed nice, I relaxed a bit and managed to ask her what I should do if I felt the need to complain about the way in which my PCA was carried out. I used phrases like “blatanty lied” and “made grossly inaccurate assumptions” and she said “really??” in exactly the right tone of voice, which made me feel a bit better. She told me that each Benefits office has a “customer service manager”, and I should ring and find out their name, and write to them. I was just going to write to my MP, but it seems this is the correct course of action. I shall, of course, keep you informed.