well that’s something, at least.
Hello again.
In the middle of a benefits brou-haha and a depressive episode, I decided it would be nice to change webhosts. I love how my brain works sometimes. The crux of it is that I have Forgotten Everything about installing movable type, and my new hosts have the cgi-bin in a different place and often I couldn’t be bothered
I saved a backup of my site, but apparently it’s how you save it that’s the kicker. And to top it off, the only way now that I can get all my old entries back so strangers can see who the hell they’re listening to, is to fiddle with some perl script, which my brain has looked at and automatically shut off, like a defiant kid saying “CAN’T”
oh, and I haven’t uploaded all the scripts yet, so commenting is off.

One thought on “Okay…

  1. tiexano says:

    Good to have you back.

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