until I can figure out how to get rid of the comments that advocate bestiality and other unsavoury practices, the comments facility has been neutered.
I apparently need to upgrade to MT3.20 to use the comment spam thingy I want to, and it has Completely Changed. Arses.



it’s only me…
There’s something about keeping a blog that’s a bit like a garden. Despite using the weedkiller that is MTBlacklist, I still have had an abundance of weeds, which I shall have to sort out. I’ve changed the comments thing so that only registered typekey people can comment. I have no idea how that works, so if you can’t comment, you know how to dig me in the ribs. I’ll install one of those anti-spam comment thingies at some point, which will help.
Life has been a bit wierd over the last six months. I’ve been hovering in a strange place between getting depressed and trying to ignore the depression. This includes anything that could make it worse, such as writing here (the idea being that writing it down reinforces it) and Dealing With Things That Ought To Be Dealt With. It’s left me feeling emotionally exhausted, but I have reached a place where I’m thinking, “if I don’t deal with this, it’ll just get worse” so I’m going to bite the bullet and Deal.
My apologies for ignoring you all. I didn’t mean it. You know who you are…