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Actually, this is rather good!

The Whisker Project

Cat Whiskers – Urgently Needed!
Yes, you too can help save the insatiable needs of another crazy cat lady. Corie is collecting cat whiskers from her blog’s readers. Not that they all grow them, but maybe…
Until now, I thought I was the only one that collected cat whiskers. Yay! I’m not mad!
*thinks about this for a moment*

Blogging Brits logo

If any members of Blogging Brits find me, you may be interested to know about an image-map based code I have used to link to their site.
Inspired by Liam, I too wanted a logo that incorporated the full webring code. However, my version uses a Silkscreen font based mini-icon, which is then converted into an image map. You can see the result in the links to the right of this page.
Check out the extended part of the entry for the code.

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Google ads

I posted a few days ago about how amusing the google ads that were being shown on my site were in relation to my health.
The more I think about it, the more inappropriate it seems to have a blog about life with panic attack disorder and agoraphobia, and adverts for ‘cures’ running down the side of the page. So, I’ve deleted it completely.
I do get viewers who, according to my web stats, search for things like “panic attacks” and “venlafaxine” and get to my site. This is partly why I have links like tAPir and Venlafaxine Healing on the right. These are sites I have used myself, and have found to be a great help. This is the way links on my site will stay. Sites pertaining to health will be ones I have used personally, or checked out myself. Not adverts based on random keywords.


I wanted to make a comment about this news story, but I keep on deleting and restarting because I am just so lost for words. There is so much that bothers me about it – where do I start?
Okay, firstly, what was wrong with accepting the girls apology? Second, how on earth does an “anxiety attack” warrant a visit to the Emergency Room, let alone $900 worth of medical treatment? As I understand it, the visit to the ER took place the day after the girls left the cookies. How is that an anxiety attack? Anxiety and panic attacks are sudden, a surge of adrenaline within seconds of the trigger. Either this woman or the media need to clarify their definition of an “anxiety attack”.
Obviously, my opinion is formed from reading some of the various news items on this story, and I am not remotely qualified to diagnose this woman’s health issues by reading them, but something just isn’t right. It pains me that yet again, something in the news pertaining to anxiety has tarred sufferers with that negative brush.

Hi, I’m not home…

Since Thursday, someone has been calling my home phone number constantly. We have Caller Display, because thanks to my agora, I cannot answer the phone unless I know who it is. This number is with-held. Our answer machine message says something like, “we can’t get to the phone right now, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you”. I’ve often joked that I should change it to “please leave a message, it’s rude not to” because the amount of callers who just hang up pisses me off. If it’s so important that they need to call constantly for three days (not counting the weekend) why don’t they leave a damn message? Or write to us?
I have actually got to a point where I’m wondering if BT can do a trace…