October already

October. Good grief – where did the year go? More importantly, where did Summer go???
I now realise that I should not have put off cutting the lawn. When I look outside and think, “I may need to wait until Spring to cut it again”, I could cry.
I have hung on to Summer. Clung to its warmth like some security blanket, because I know how miserable I’m going to be come Winter. My back aches, reminding me of the facet joints I damaged seven years ago. My circulation goes stupid on me, and my fingers either swell up, or shrink into a shrivelled old womans. I don’t do cold. I’d rather be too hot than too cold. I know that by the end of October, I am moving into a phase where I loose the feeling in my feet for three months. However, most scary is the impending winter depression. I know it’s coming, which could be a double edged sword, because knowing its coming is making me miserable.
This post was not supposed to be a miserable one. I guess there’s a bit of free associative writing going on there.
October 1st marks the start of the second annual Blogger boobie-thon, which aims to raise money for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. If you are nervous about notarising your norks, then you can simply make a donation via the website.
The UK’s Breast Cancer Campaign doesn’t start until the 31st October, but I’ve seen pink ribbons in lots of stores already, and stores such as Debenhams and Ann Summers have other promotions too.

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  1. YSL says:

    Don’t forget that Hardy’s Wines are supporting the UK’s Breast Cancer Campaign.. So get drinking! 😉

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