busy, busy, busy!

Okay, so I don’t have the most interesting life in the world, worthy of people clamouring to read my weblog, but I do have a life. Vaguely.
For the past two weeks (on and off) I have been decorating. This really started several months ago, when I decided that I wanted a laminate floor in my dining room and kitchen. The idea fizzled when our neighbours promptly read our minds, and laminated their dining room and kitchen. Sly buggers. Later, I saw a beautiful compromise. Laminated flooring, which looked like slate tiles. Totally gorgeous, and different.
Cutting a long and boring story short, we have now laminated the floor, and are now faced with the domino effect of decorating. It goes like this:
We laminate the floor, and use white edging along the skirting boards.
This makes the skirts look filthy, so we paint them.
This in turn makes the walls look dirty, so we paint the walls.
This makes the curtains look old, so I make new curtains.
This all makes the tiles in the kitchen look dated, so I get cool paint to paint some of the tiles.
It goes on, but you have to draw the line somewhere. We do not need new kitchen cupboards yet. (Well, we do, but our budget doesn’t)
The tile paint stuff is cool (I think I already said that). When the house was built, we chose white tiles, but were persuaded by the builders that white would look clinical, and “go on, have a harvest basket tile randomly placed”. I’ve never liked them, but they’ve always known, and have hidden behind the coffee maker and strategically placed kitchen stuff. There is one brave tile who sits leering at me from under the extractor, but his time is short in this world. Inspired by Changing Rooms (Trading Spaces to you ‘Mericans) I have got some tile primer, and some lovely silver and pale gold paints. The silver is to tone with the silvery blue of the floor, and the gold, which I intend to use about half as much as the silver, is a very pale version which will tone beautifully with the counters and cupboard doors.
Trust me.