I love my Karcher Pressure Washer

Aside from being frightened of everything, I am terrified of spiders. Even the word makes me want to itch. So it was with great trepidation that I decided to clean down the paved path that runs past the back of our house.
The path has become a kind of storage area for all things garden that won’t fit in the garage, or things that we were going to use, and never got around to. Like the pile of old bricks that we were going to edge the garden with. They stayed as a kind of monument when we realised that we were going to need possibly hundreds more, and we thought we would wait until we got more before starting. There are half bags of compost, and various pots that we have accumulated over the past couple of years.
Ginger had promised me that I could buy the rustic bench I’ve always wanted as long as I cleaned up the path. The bench would be wonderful there, and it would be perfect to sit outside with a cup of coffee and drink in the late summer sun. That last bit is a bit of a fantasy, seeing as though the end of August has signified the start of winter…
We bought the pressure washer last week. There are a myriad of things to use it for, as well as the sheer pleasure that dirt-blasting gives. I’d cleaned the encrusted guano off the car windscreen, and cleaned the front drive. I’d used it to blast a few inter-paver weeds, and decided to wash the cobwebs off the garage door. It was fantastic.
So, how do you use it to clean spidery remnants and small monsters from a brick megalith? Easy. Blast the megalith for several minutes with washer. Swear constantly, and make neighbour giggle at you. Kick bricks individually and blast with washer until confident that they are spider free. When killing spiders, use a clean brick, and phrases like “die, you little bastard”. Greet arrival of Aragog with “Holy fucking god!” Greet arrival of Aragog’s twin brother by running around garden squealing, going back, and slapping him on the shoulder with a well aimed brick. Come inside, elated, and announce exploits via weblog.
The bricks are languishing on the lawn now, clean and spider free. I am proud, dirty and a little trembly…