where did you go today?

Okay, I think I have this style sheet thing figured out now. Maybe.
I have changed the layout quite a bit; I’ve removed the calender, because I think the monthly archive links are enough. I’ve also moved the links etc to the left, to make way for a new column on the right – the “where did you go today?” thing. Basically, I’m going to use that space to put (as often as possible) my achievements regarding beating the evil incarnate that is Anxiety Disorder. I don’t know how to code it all to make an archive, maybe that’s something to think about.
As usual, please let me know if you are having any difficulties viewing in a particular browser, or if you think it’s completely shit. Bear in mind that I am liable to cry if you tell me the latter. You can also tell me if you like it, because praise is such a rush. 🙂