Operation Toast-With-Jam!

Ginger went back to work at TakingThePiss Inc. yesterday, fully expecting to implement Operation Buttered Toast. However, the manager who has the envelope, so to speak, is on holiday. Still. Apparently canoeing in Wales, which is no good to Ginger. My husband is feeling rather glum to start with, and this really made the toast go cold.
However. Yesterday morning, I got a phonecall, (which I answered – go me!) from a recruitment agency that Ginger has supplied his resume to. They have the perfect job for him, and wanted to set up an interview. So, Ginger has an interview on Friday afternoon, at 3pm. The work is similar to what he’s doing now, but it’s only a 25 min drive away, and is about 25% better pay. If TakingThePiss Inc want Ginger badly, they’ll have to come up with millions – mwaahaahaa!
So, we are working on a strategy for getting him this job. I’m proud to introduce Operation Toast-With-Jam. Our objectives are:
– Buy Ginger a new shirt
– Keep Ginger awake
– Brush up on standard interview questions
This company seem keen on him based purely on his resume (thankyou Angel and Looloo) so, fingers crossed, everyone.
I’ve thought of a name for Ginger’s boss. Enigma.