Operation Buttered Toast

So, Ginger has gone away to work again – for the sixth week. I personally think they are taking the piss, this job was only supposed to last for 4 weeks, and Ginger tells me that he hasn’t done all the work he went there to do, because they keep asking him to do other things.
Being an obliging kind of chap, Ginger is doing other work, and from what I can understand, is facilitating speedier production thanks to his experience and knowledge base. He is frustrated – he is training the staff to do jobs that he has been doing with his proverbial eyes closed for years. He says it is fundemental stuff, too.
The upshot of all this is that Ginger has no idea how long he is going to be there. One of the people there lamented that they wished Ginger was there permanently, as he ‘knew what he was doing’. God alone knows how this place has operated in the past. So, Ginger and I are discussing the implementation of ‘Operation Buttered Toast’.
What it boils down to is this. Ginger originally negotiated pay and t&c’s based on him purely being a programmer for four weeks. There was no discussion of him doing anything else, aside from training the other quality staff to implement the programmes that Ginger had done. As the goalposts have changed, I think Ginger should demand a better deal for himself. Although he originally negotiated a better hourly pay for himself, he is worse off because he is working less hours and does not get any shift allowance. I think he should be bringing home a better average wage than he got at Wankbastard Inc, simply because he is being expected to uproot his entire life for those four days a week.
This all sounds lovely and dynamic, but the guy Ginger needs to speak to is on holiday. (I need to think of a name for him) Ginger is of course, putting in for jobs closer to home, but Buttered Toast still needs to go ahead. You can’t live on “what if’s”.