Woo Hoo!!!

SpreadingTheJam love Ginger. He starts on Monday 8th September.
The incognito manager was called suddenly to a client in Sweeden, so was definitely out of the office…
Ginger is going back to TakingThePiss for a couple of days, then having four days off. He needs it. Apart from a week after he did all that nightshit, he hasn’t had a holiday all year (WankBastard Inc stopped all holidays when they went into receivership)

I love my Karcher Pressure Washer

Aside from being frightened of everything, I am terrified of spiders. Even the word makes me want to itch. So it was with great trepidation that I decided to clean down the paved path that runs past the back of our house.
The path has become a kind of storage area for all things garden that won’t fit in the garage, or things that we were going to use, and never got around to. Like the pile of old bricks that we were going to edge the garden with. They stayed as a kind of monument when we realised that we were going to need possibly hundreds more, and we thought we would wait until we got more before starting. There are half bags of compost, and various pots that we have accumulated over the past couple of years.
Ginger had promised me that I could buy the rustic bench I’ve always wanted as long as I cleaned up the path. The bench would be wonderful there, and it would be perfect to sit outside with a cup of coffee and drink in the late summer sun. That last bit is a bit of a fantasy, seeing as though the end of August has signified the start of winter…
We bought the pressure washer last week. There are a myriad of things to use it for, as well as the sheer pleasure that dirt-blasting gives. I’d cleaned the encrusted guano off the car windscreen, and cleaned the front drive. I’d used it to blast a few inter-paver weeds, and decided to wash the cobwebs off the garage door. It was fantastic.
So, how do you use it to clean spidery remnants and small monsters from a brick megalith? Easy. Blast the megalith for several minutes with washer. Swear constantly, and make neighbour giggle at you. Kick bricks individually and blast with washer until confident that they are spider free. When killing spiders, use a clean brick, and phrases like “die, you little bastard”. Greet arrival of Aragog with “Holy fucking god!” Greet arrival of Aragog’s twin brother by running around garden squealing, going back, and slapping him on the shoulder with a well aimed brick. Come inside, elated, and announce exploits via weblog.
The bricks are languishing on the lawn now, clean and spider free. I am proud, dirty and a little trembly…

where did you go today?

Okay, I think I have this style sheet thing figured out now. Maybe.
I have changed the layout quite a bit; I’ve removed the calender, because I think the monthly archive links are enough. I’ve also moved the links etc to the left, to make way for a new column on the right – the “where did you go today?” thing. Basically, I’m going to use that space to put (as often as possible) my achievements regarding beating the evil incarnate that is Anxiety Disorder. I don’t know how to code it all to make an archive, maybe that’s something to think about.
As usual, please let me know if you are having any difficulties viewing in a particular browser, or if you think it’s completely shit. Bear in mind that I am liable to cry if you tell me the latter. You can also tell me if you like it, because praise is such a rush. 🙂

Lots happening

Since I last updated my blog, I have had so much happening, I’m almost living my life from the sidelines.
Firstly, and most importantly, I bought a bicycle. This was something I had been thinking about for a while, because it would give me a reason/excuse to go outside more. Also, it was something my good friend George said about cycling being easier to achieve than walking (from an anxiety/panic point of view).
He was so right. I started by cycling around the garden – mainly because I was afraid of falling off and making an arse of myself in front of all the neighbours. Then, I progressed to cycling to the end of the street. I quickly went from that to cycling around the quiet streets in my estate. The feeling when I’m on my bike is amazing. I feel so free, and it is an excellent way of getting rid of the cobwebs.
Last weekend, I set myself a goal – and achieved it. I had a couple of parcels to send to the US, so I put them in my backpack, and cycled to the post office. This was so big for me, I can’t tell you. My heart was beating so fast, I thought it might burst. However, I concentrated on the cool air of the morning, and obviously the sparse traffic. I took a few deep breaths, and I was fine. In fact, the worst thing that happened was my bum hurting! Five minutes on a bike, and I get saddle-sore!
I am keeping it up, not necessarily going to the post office or anything, but I’m riding around and getting used to being outside without Ginger.
Ginger has done the job interview thing, and it went really well. They are looking for someone who fits in with their small team, rather than someone with a shed-load of qualifications. Ginger said that he felt very comfortable with the interviewer, and not nervous at all. I guess that’s a good sign too. The way things have been worded, and the way certain things have progressed, we are fairly certain that Ginger has the job. It’s been advertised through an agency, and they have forwarded Ginger’s references etc to the new company (henceforth known as, er, SpreadingTheJam Inc – based on Operation Toast with Jam – until I think of something better). Basically, we are waiting for the go ahead from one of the managers who seems a bit incognito.
Meanwhile, Ginger is back at TakingThePiss, and wishing he wasn’t. Next Monday is a public holiday, and I’m guessing that SpreadingTheJam are waiting til that’s over before they take Ginger on.

Operation Toast-With-Jam!

Ginger went back to work at TakingThePiss Inc. yesterday, fully expecting to implement Operation Buttered Toast. However, the manager who has the envelope, so to speak, is on holiday. Still. Apparently canoeing in Wales, which is no good to Ginger. My husband is feeling rather glum to start with, and this really made the toast go cold.
However. Yesterday morning, I got a phonecall, (which I answered – go me!) from a recruitment agency that Ginger has supplied his resume to. They have the perfect job for him, and wanted to set up an interview. So, Ginger has an interview on Friday afternoon, at 3pm. The work is similar to what he’s doing now, but it’s only a 25 min drive away, and is about 25% better pay. If TakingThePiss Inc want Ginger badly, they’ll have to come up with millions – mwaahaahaa!
So, we are working on a strategy for getting him this job. I’m proud to introduce Operation Toast-With-Jam. Our objectives are:
– Buy Ginger a new shirt
– Keep Ginger awake
– Brush up on standard interview questions
This company seem keen on him based purely on his resume (thankyou Angel and Looloo) so, fingers crossed, everyone.
I’ve thought of a name for Ginger’s boss. Enigma.

Operation Buttered Toast

So, Ginger has gone away to work again – for the sixth week. I personally think they are taking the piss, this job was only supposed to last for 4 weeks, and Ginger tells me that he hasn’t done all the work he went there to do, because they keep asking him to do other things.
Being an obliging kind of chap, Ginger is doing other work, and from what I can understand, is facilitating speedier production thanks to his experience and knowledge base. He is frustrated – he is training the staff to do jobs that he has been doing with his proverbial eyes closed for years. He says it is fundemental stuff, too.
The upshot of all this is that Ginger has no idea how long he is going to be there. One of the people there lamented that they wished Ginger was there permanently, as he ‘knew what he was doing’. God alone knows how this place has operated in the past. So, Ginger and I are discussing the implementation of ‘Operation Buttered Toast’.
What it boils down to is this. Ginger originally negotiated pay and t&c’s based on him purely being a programmer for four weeks. There was no discussion of him doing anything else, aside from training the other quality staff to implement the programmes that Ginger had done. As the goalposts have changed, I think Ginger should demand a better deal for himself. Although he originally negotiated a better hourly pay for himself, he is worse off because he is working less hours and does not get any shift allowance. I think he should be bringing home a better average wage than he got at Wankbastard Inc, simply because he is being expected to uproot his entire life for those four days a week.
This all sounds lovely and dynamic, but the guy Ginger needs to speak to is on holiday. (I need to think of a name for him) Ginger is of course, putting in for jobs closer to home, but Buttered Toast still needs to go ahead. You can’t live on “what if’s”.

of heatwaves and trippy heart shit

I think summer is here at last. For the past two days, it has been warm and sunny, and a good excuse for me to get out and about.
I walked to the end of the street again on Saturday, and on Sunday, I made small talk with a neighbour I don’t know that well (I know her cat, Ben, more than I know her) I told her about how I make catnip pillows, and fetched one over for Ben. I felt proud, that I was talking to someone without trying to get out of the situation.
Also on Sunday, I finished my front garden. Now, I have a lovely little brown picket fence dividing my garden and my next-door neighbours, and a deep border in front of it. I have planted all blues and whites, and have included two blue glazed pots filled with lavender. I have a beautiful blue buddleia, and two flowering hebe’s – both blue. I feel happy that I have got all this done, however I now have a fucking trapped nerve in my shoulder (this happens every now and again, but is still annoying and painful).
I’m typing with pins-and-needles in my fingers…
The trippy heart shit is weird. I don’t know what it is, or what causes it, but I sometimes have real trouble at night sleeping because of it. It feels like a surreal cross between heartburn, pins-and-needles, being tickled and being hyper-sensitive. I’ve had lots of theories as to what it is, ranging from being hot, to actual heartburn, to a kind of panic attack. It lasts for several hours, and I usually need some meds to help me sleep. I have tried all sorts of things to deal with it, treating it like a panic attack. I’ve tried reading, watching TV, the usual diversional activities. It’s worse when I lie down, but makes me restless anyway. Often, I’ll come online, because it is something to take my mind off it, and I’m sitting up.
So, it was 2am before I got to sleep last night. The hot weather didn’t help, and I think that started me off being restless. I mentally paced up and down, there was nothing on TV apart from some EMT Rescue thing on Discovery. I couldn’t concentrate on the internet, so I went downstairs. I had a drink, I lay on the sofa. I sat up again, removing two cats as I did so. At 1am, I went out into the garden in my nightie and bare feet, and walked around the lawn, breathing in the delicious night air.
With my feet still damp, I went back to bed, and managed to sleep until around 7am.

Dug out…

I’ve not been on any more jaunts, but I have spent a good 2 hours digging the front garden.
I say garden, what I mean is a small square of lawn, about 9 square meters, which I have been trying to dig a border into. I blogged about this a while ago, but I’d only gotten as far as lifting sod. I’ve avoided tackling this job, simply because it is such bloody hard work.
However, today, I decided to finish it off. I had a nice chat with my neighbour, then took a deep breath and weilded my fork.
As I expected, I picked out many more stones, and at one point wondered how far the foundations of my house came out… However, the earth is turned over and neat, and tomorrow it’s off to Homebase to get some compost and sharp sand to dig into it.
I hurt already. God, I so hurt. What was all this crap about my garden being a blank canvas? I was sodding deluded. Don’t get me wrong – I love my garden, but I wish I were stronger and had more stamina. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
(If anyone has the ability to grant this wish, please can I have a nice svelte body too? Ta.)