Mowing the Lawn

I can’t believe how fast my underarm hair grows. I was blessed with fairly sparse hair in “those areas” and I can let my leg hair grow for weeks and it doesn’t show. However, my underarms are driving me nuts primarily because I either wax or epilate the hairs there.
/pauses for shrieks to die down.
Yes, epilate. I know you’re not supposed to, but if you do it right, and are careful, it really works. I have been doing this for a few years now, and I really don’t think it hurts any more than waxing. Mind it really fucking hurt this morning, simply because of the freaky shoulder spasm thing. My painkillers have helped a hell of a lot, but are making me feel a bit er, reckless.
So, as I reached for the deoderant this morning, I thought, “hmm, de-fuzz required”. The painkillers and muscle relaxants had kicked in, and I felt quite mellow, in an “I can do anything” kind of way. It seemed to go okay – I did my left underarm first, then moved over to the right one. Not too bad – having my arm hoisted high in the air, concentrating on the plucking. The pain started when I tried to move my arm back down to its normal position. Oh. My. God!!!! OWWWWWW!!!! I now feel like I’ve been stabbed in the armpit. Bugger, that hurts.
At least I am hair free for another couple of weeks…