End of an Era

Mr D has officially left his job at Wankbastard Inc. Officially redundant, due to company liquidation.
He is taking it well, but like he said this morning, “I’m still asleep”. He’s just done six weeks of nightshit (sic) and is shattered. He took roughly two days off a fortnight. The thing is, we still have the mortgage and all the bills to pay, so the money he earned has ensured that everything is up to date, and there is a bit of money in our savings account to cover any bills we have forgotten (like the council tax reminder that arrived this morning…)
There are a few things around job-wise that are ‘probably maybe’, for example, the company that wants to buy some of WB Inc’s machinery apparently don’t have the staff qualified to use it. Mr D is their man…
Anyway, whatever happens, I have insisted that Mr D takes some time off to recover from all this nightshit.
More later.