going crazy

I have been ridiculously quiet lately. I can’t be bothered with anything, and I want to be on my own.
Ginger was offered a temporary job with the company that bought Wankbastard Inc’s stuff, which means that he is away from home Monday through Thursday for four weeks. I want to be sick every time I think about it. He has started already – he drove down over 150 miles to get there yesterday. The company love him – and are paying for accommodation while he is there, plus food etc. Ginger, meanwhile, is busy programming the computer side of the machinery for them, before teaching the staff how to use it.
The upside is that he has work for another month, and we can pay the morgage. The downside is, well, just me. I am literally confined to the house now for four days, and I feel as though I want to pull an invisibility cloak over me and hide. I deliberately didn’t answer the phone yesterday, and I do not intend to answer the door either (unless it is the postman with my new hard-drive).
I have lots of house shit to keep me busy, however. While Ginger worked all those nights, I couldn’t do very much around the house in case I woke him up. While he’s out, I can get on and do stuff. I want so desparately to clean up the spare room, which looks like a bomb hit it, and hasn’t been cleaned out properly since my Aunt came to visit two and a half years ago. It is a dumping ground for all the pack-rat shit that I don’t want to throw away because “it might be useful”. I get that from my Grandma. She had a walk in cupboard – but nobody ever was able to walk into it…
I also want to sort out my computer. With next-day delivery, my hard drive should arrive tomorrow, and as it’s an internal one, I’ll have all my files and programmes to transfer over, once I’ve uploaded Window$. Oh joy! I wonder who I can palm my old HD on to…?
Another upside to Ginger being away is that I’m likely to update my blog more often.
You lucky people…


Not them!
Noooo! That was one of my favourite characters!
However. A review. “Order of the Phoenix” kept me on the edge of my seat just as “Prisoner of Azkaban” did. I was expecting something more exciting to happen re: Aunt Petunia and the Mysterious Howler, but it all made sense in the end. What else? Oh – Prof Umbridge way more irritating than Prof Lockheart. However Kudos to Fred and George.
Thus endetheth the review.

End of an Era

Mr D has officially left his job at Wankbastard Inc. Officially redundant, due to company liquidation.
He is taking it well, but like he said this morning, “I’m still asleep”. He’s just done six weeks of nightshit (sic) and is shattered. He took roughly two days off a fortnight. The thing is, we still have the mortgage and all the bills to pay, so the money he earned has ensured that everything is up to date, and there is a bit of money in our savings account to cover any bills we have forgotten (like the council tax reminder that arrived this morning…)
There are a few things around job-wise that are ‘probably maybe’, for example, the company that wants to buy some of WB Inc’s machinery apparently don’t have the staff qualified to use it. Mr D is their man…
Anyway, whatever happens, I have insisted that Mr D takes some time off to recover from all this nightshit.
More later.

Been Fiddling

With the layout of my blog.
It’s not much, I’ve moved the stuff around on the right column so everything follows on better, and altered the size of the font.
Let me know what you think, my plethora of readers, also if anything doesn’t work, or looks like shit in a particular browser.
I’ve also added a couple of links, now that I’ve learned how to do it!
Stay tuned for more action! (or something)

Blog Murderer!

The nice weather has murdered my blog. I have been so absorbed by my garden, and neeeeeding sunshine and daylight, that I have neglected my online activities somewhat.
Maybe it’s a good thing. I sometimes think that I am going to slowly morph with my computer if I don’t get off it. I love my computer. However, I am after a bigger hard drive, as well as various other bits and pieces. If I sit here long enough, I end up looking around websites for ‘stuff’ to improve my PC, the closet geek in me becoming ever more apparent.
I have been out and about a bit, but not too far, as Ginger is still working nightshit (sic). Wankbastard Inc officially ceases production on the 13th of June, but some people are going to be asked to stay a bit longer to clean the machinery so it is ready for selling. I don’t know whether Ginger will be asked, however there are some quite specialist calibration thingies in his department, and there is only Ginger left there who knows all about them. We live and hope.
Right. Back to the garden. I have some turf that needs digging up, and I think my muscles have gone AWOL after my attempts yesterday. We have a square piece of lawn at the front of the house, and I want to make a border between us and our neighbours. Partly because it’ll look better, and partly because our postie is a lazy bastard and walks over the lawn to get to next door. I want to make him walk around the path, like he’s supposed to, dammit.
It is slow, laborious work digging up sod. It wouldn’t be so bad, but I’m convinced there’s no soil underneath, just builder’s rubble. I could build a small cottage out of the stones I have pulled up. Ugh. I’ll do it, though. With guarana seed as my witness, I’ll dig that fucker up…