I apologise if you have read this tale elsewhere, but maybe, just maybe, someone will see my site listed at that blog list site (that I forgot the name of)
Wednesday night, I did my usual routine. Spent time on the web then went downstairs to get Minnie, close the drapes, and feed the fish.
I’ve noticed that Bruno HT has a penchant for lying by the patio doors, looking out into the garden. I have wondered what he is looking at, but assumed it was Tinkerbell (local cat) or Ben (‘nother local cat) and thought no more of it.
Wendesday night, I went to the windows, said “whatcha looking at, Bru?” and peered out into the semi-darkness…
…in time to see a fucking huge rat run across the garden. Good Fucking Gosh. I never realised they were so BIG!!! I knew they were bigger than mice (duh!) and I’ve seen pet rats and shit, but this one was massive. I’m trying to think of something in similar size, and all I can think of is a football. One of your ‘merican footballs, that is.
I can’t cuss enough. For one thing, my garden is violated (in the same kind of way you wouldn’t eat from a spoon that had been dropped in shit, even if it had been washed and lysol-ed etc). Also, I don’t know how it got in. The garden is fenced off all the way around, so unless it can climb… *shudders*
The one thing I am thinking through all of this is the cats knew all along. They must think I’m just a stupid human who clicks at the last moment. Ginger dragged me out this morning for some milk and bits at the shop, and I always say hello to the cats in peoples windows. Thermal looked at me as if to say “I knew all along…” So did Inkblot. (I’m making these two names up, they suit the cats, although Thermal is another story)
Today, I called Environmental Services, wanting advice etc.
I called Environmental Services at our local government office. I asked for advice re rat prevention. She took my name and address, and I thought “hmm, leaflet?” Then she said, “the Pest Control Officer will call you, and come out and get rid of the rats”
I said, “I just want advice really…”
She said, “Yes, the PCO can advise you as well”
So, now I have a complete fucking stranger coming out to my house. I think I’d rather have the rat…
See, I’m afraid of men. I’m afraid of most things, actually, but the idea of a strange man coming into my house – possibly when Ginger is not there – scares me to death. I also DO NOT want them to put poison down. I tried to explain this to the lady on the phone, saying there were lots of cats in the neighbourhood. She told me that if the PCO used poison, he’d put it out of reach of cats. I’m thinking this woman has not had much contact with cats…
I’ll wait and talk to the PCO when he calls. Except answering the telephone is another phobia I have. Bugger.