Let’s Start Again.

Over the past few weeks, my head has been a mish-mash of emotions. My body – well, I’ve had flu, which developed into a chest infection, then developed into pleurisy. So, I haven’t been at my best.
As I sit here and wonder what to write, I think of the times I have attempted a blog entry, then thought, “naw, what a load of crap” – right before I hit ‘delete’. So, I have decided to bear it all. If I don’t like the ‘me’ that comes out on screen, I have the power to change myself. I need to write. I need that release of emotions that may be just too strong for my long-suffering husband to bear. I also want to set myself goals, and stick to them. I think I will be better able to do that if I think someone out there is reading.
How do I prioritise my goals? There are so many things I want to achieve. So many things I want to do on the web, in my house, and in my garden. So much stuff going around in my head. This is why a weblog would work for me (assuming I stick to it) because I am the kind of person who always has a million thoughts racing through my head at a hundred miles an hour. I have the attention span of a toddler, because there is always something else to think about. It’s not Einstein kind of stuff, but there’s a lot of it.
For the next two weeks, I am going to go mad. Ginger, my husband, is working nightshift, and is working every. night. for the next two weeks.
This is the scenario. The company Ginger works for has gone bust, and is due to close. Ginger was due to be made redundant on 2nd May, but they asked him (that morning) to stay on and work for a couple more weeks. The pay will be excellent, but I worry about him and whether he is doing too much. He is shattered. He has had the same flu as me (sans chest problems) and the whole redundancy thing, plus caring for me, his agoraphobic, panicky wife, has taken its toll.
Ginger has soaked up my emotion like a huge sponge, and thinks he has to carry it. I know he can’t help but worry – he is, after all, my soulmate and partner of 15 years – but I want him to step back and take a deep breath. Focus. Let me share some of the burden.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Start Again.

  1. Lisa says:

    Awww… Kitten, you are a legend and doing the best you can do!
    Gingah is gorgeous for all his support….you guys are mean’t to be together…it’s lovely!

  2. Tinka says:

    Heya Kitten,
    this is quite awesome and very courageous of you to do. You are both such special people and I feel very privileged to know you (even just from across the pond and all).
    ((((Kitten and Gingah)))

  3. KellyBelle says:

    Hi Kitten!
    I love the dominocat logo!
    This blog is a nice little safe place… I’ll come back more often.

  4. Bev says:

    Aw, thanks you guys!
    ((((((Group Hug))))))

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