I am antsy today. I can’t keep still, I want to keep moving – but I can’t concentrate on anything for very long. It is so irritating. This must be my third attempt at writing something, and I am still looking round, seeing other things to do, rather like a child with ADHD
I started with a cold last night. It isn’t terrible, I’ve had worse, but I could really do without another thing dragging me down. Stephen has had this cold for about a week, and subsequently, things that he has promised to do around the house have been left. I’d do them myself, but it’s things I can’t do. I feel bogged down right now, and I could do with some ‘spring cleaning’.
The more I look around, the more I can see things to do. Maybe I should write a list, because another annoying thing is that I see a thing to do, then later, when I get around to doing it, I’ve forgotten what it was. Then I get really peeved with myself. Argh!!!
I’ll write some more later, because I have a sudden overwhelming urge to do something else. I don’t know what yet, but it isn’t this…